In disaster response situations, MAF collaborates with other organisations on the ground, working together to deliver an informed, coherent response to help isolated communities cut off and suffering as a result of the disaster. We don't always bring in our own aircraft, sometimes coming alongside other aviation organisations to assist with logistics, telecommunications and technology.

MAF partners with organisations already serving these communities; offering our experience, tools and capacity to enable them to respond effectively in a disaster. We coordinate flight schedules, assist with balanced loading of aircraft, or provide input on how to do aerial surveys; releasing local contacts to fully focus on safely flying desperately needed supplies to the people they are seeking to serve. In such circumstances requests for help can be overwhelming. MAF's support has allowed responses to happen that would not otherwise have been possible.

Our ability to co-ordinate flight operations goes a long way to instilling order in the chaos that results following a disaster, and where many unknowns mean plans are fluid and everchanging.