Offloading of essential supplies at Illeret airstrip ~Photo credit: Sam Baguma
Offloading of essential supplies at Illeret airstrip ~Photo credit: Sam Baguma

Over the course of the two days, MAF dedicated twenty hours to flying, transporting ten aid workers and 1326kg of essential relief supplies.

These supplies included mosquito nets, soap, jerry cans, sleeping mats, blankets, supplements, and medical supplies all crucial for addressing the urgent needs of communities devastated by flooding.

James Soh, a field officer at Sign of Hope, received the relief supplies delivered by MAF to Illeret.

“We are located in the far corner of the country, which is extremely hard to reach, but these floods have made us feel even more isolated. Many communities in Illeret have been forced to permanently relocate due to the flooding. We are immensely grateful to receive all this assistance,” James said.

James then guided the team to one of the villages called Sabare, where they witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of the floods. The entire village was in the process of building new huts in an area higher than the low plains close to the shores of Lake Turkana.

Community of Sabare ~Photo credit: Sam Baguma
~Photo credit: Sam Baguma
Community of Sabare

Sam Baguma, leading the Disaster Response team in Kenya, was among the participants.

He said, “It was immensely rewarding to contribute to the distribution of emergency shelter supplies to families hit the hardest by the disaster.

“Despite the long hours and the exhaustion from the heat, it was well worth it to bring much-needed relief to these isolated villages.”

Sign of Hope is a German Christian organisation that promotes sustainable development, provides emergency assistance, and advocates for human rights. In Kenya, they are involved in projects related to water and sanitation, health and nutrition, human rights, and emergency relief.

Food for the Hungry is a Christian humanitarian aid and development organisation that designs and implements solutions to build human resilience by strengthening the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of people living in poverty and disaster situations.

Story by: Jacqueline Mwende